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BioUrl Class Reference

#include <BioUrl.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool getFileByFtp (const string &fromUrl_)

Static Public Member Functions

static int getEmblFile (const string &pdbid, ostream &toBeStoredAs)
static int getSwissProtFile (const string &pdbid, ostream &toBeStoredAs)
static int getPdbFile (const string &pdbid, ostream &toBeStoredAs)
static int getGenPeptFile (const string &gi, ostream &toBeStoredAs)
static int getGenBankFile (const string &gi, ostream &toBeStoredAs)
static int getPubMedFile (const string &pmid, ostream &toBeStoredAs)
static string getPdbIdsWithChids (string pdbid)
static string getProteinIds (string pdbch)
static string getPubmedIds (string proteinIds)
static string getDbLastUpdate (const string &db_)
static int getGeneId (const string &geneSymbol)
static vector< string > getGeneSynonyms (int geneid)
static string getGeneAccession (int geneid)

Member Function Documentation

static string BioUrl::getDbLastUpdate ( const string &  db_) [static]
static int BioUrl::getEmblFile ( const string &  pdbid,
ostream &  toBeStoredAs 
) [static]
bool BioUrl::getFileByFtp ( const string &  fromUrl_)
static int BioUrl::getGenBankFile ( const string &  gi,
ostream &  toBeStoredAs 
) [static]
static string BioUrl::getGeneAccession ( int  geneid) [static]
static int BioUrl::getGeneId ( const string &  geneSymbol) [static]
static vector<string> BioUrl::getGeneSynonyms ( int  geneid) [static]
static int BioUrl::getGenPeptFile ( const string &  gi,
ostream &  toBeStoredAs 
) [static]
static int BioUrl::getPdbFile ( const string &  pdbid,
ostream &  toBeStoredAs 
) [static]
static string BioUrl::getPdbIdsWithChids ( string  pdbid) [static]
static string BioUrl::getProteinIds ( string  pdbch) [static]
static int BioUrl::getPubMedFile ( const string &  pmid,
ostream &  toBeStoredAs 
) [static]
static string BioUrl::getPubmedIds ( string  proteinIds) [static]
static int BioUrl::getSwissProtFile ( const string &  pdbid,
ostream &  toBeStoredAs 
) [static]

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