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BioProteinSequence Class Reference

#include <BioProteinSequence.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BioProteinSequence (const string &)
 BioProteinSequence ()
 BioProteinSequence (const string &seqnam, const string &seq)
bool checkProteinSequence ()
void setSequence (const string &seqnam, const string &seq)
double getMolecularWeight ()
string getAminoAcid (const long &)
double getMolarExtinctionCoefficient ()
double getExtinctionCoefficient ()
double getProteinConcentration (double absorption)
int getNumberOfBasicAminoAcids ()
int getNumberOfAcidicAminoAcids ()
int getNumberOfPolarAminoAcids ()
int getNumberOfNonPolarAminoAcids ()
vector< long > getPositionsOfBasicAminoAcids ()
vector< long > getPositionsOfAcidicAminoAcids ()
vector< long > getPositionsOfPolarAminoAcids ()
vector< long > getPositionsOfNonPolarAminoAcids ()
void showPositionsOfBasicAminoAcids (ostream &os=cout)
void showPositionsOfAcidicAminoAcids (ostream &os=cout)
void showPositionsOfPolarAminoAcids (ostream &os=cout)
void showPositionsOfNonPolarAminoAcids (ostream &os=cout)
void showHydropathyPlot (const int &windowSize, BioPostScript &ps)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BioProteinSequence::BioProteinSequence ( const string &  seqnam,
const string &  seq 

Member Function Documentation

string BioProteinSequence::getAminoAcid ( const long &  )
double BioProteinSequence::getProteinConcentration ( double  absorption)
void BioProteinSequence::setSequence ( const string &  seqnam,
const string &  seq 

Reimplemented from BioSequence.

void BioProteinSequence::showHydropathyPlot ( const int &  windowSize,
BioPostScript ps 

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