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BioGraph Class Reference

#include <BioGraph.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BioGraph ()
 BioGraph (vector< string > nids, int **adj)
BioGraphoperator= (BioGraph &g)
void setGraph (vector< string > nids, int **adj)
void setNodeIds (vector< string > nids)
void setNodeId (int index, string s)
void setAdjacencyMatrix (int **adj)
int ** getAdjacencyMatrix ()
vector< string > getNodeIds ()
string getNodeId (int i)
long getNodeIdIndex (string s)
int getNumberOfEdges ()
long getNumberOfNodes ()
bool isNeighbor (string n1, string n2)
bool isNeighbor (long n1in, long n2in)
int getNumberOfNodeEdges (string nid)
void showAdjacencyMatrix (ostream &=cout)
vector< string > getNeighborNodeIds (string n)
float getClusteringCoefficient (string nid)
float getAverageClusteringCoefficient ()
void addEdge (string n1, string n2)
void deleteEdge (string n1, string n2)
void addNode (string n1)
void deleteNode (string n1)
int getNumberOfSharedNeighbors (string n1, string n2)
vector< string > getSharedNeighborIds (string n1, string n2)
float getTopologicalCoefficient (string ni)
vector< int > getNodeDistances (string n1)
int getNodeDistance (string n1, string n2)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BioGraph::BioGraph ( vector< string >  nids,
int **  adj 

Member Function Documentation

void BioGraph::addEdge ( string  n1,
string  n2 
void BioGraph::addNode ( string  n1)
void BioGraph::deleteEdge ( string  n1,
string  n2 
void BioGraph::deleteNode ( string  n1)
float BioGraph::getClusteringCoefficient ( string  nid)
vector<string> BioGraph::getNeighborNodeIds ( string  n)
int BioGraph::getNodeDistance ( string  n1,
string  n2 
vector<int> BioGraph::getNodeDistances ( string  n1)
string BioGraph::getNodeId ( int  i)
long BioGraph::getNodeIdIndex ( string  s)
vector<string> BioGraph::getNodeIds ( )
int BioGraph::getNumberOfNodeEdges ( string  nid)
int BioGraph::getNumberOfSharedNeighbors ( string  n1,
string  n2 
vector<string> BioGraph::getSharedNeighborIds ( string  n1,
string  n2 
bool BioGraph::isNeighbor ( string  n1,
string  n2 
bool BioGraph::isNeighbor ( long  n1in,
long  n2in 
BioGraph& BioGraph::operator= ( BioGraph g)
void BioGraph::setAdjacencyMatrix ( int **  adj)
void BioGraph::setGraph ( vector< string >  nids,
int **  adj 
void BioGraph::setNodeId ( int  index,
string  s 
void BioGraph::setNodeIds ( vector< string >  nids)
void BioGraph::showAdjacencyMatrix ( ostream &  = cout)

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