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BioSwissProtCc Class Reference

#include <BioSwissProtCc.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BioSwissProtCc ()
 BioSwissProtCc (const string &)
void setCc (vector< string >)
int getNumberOfCcAllergens ()
BioSwissProtCcAllergen getCcAllergen (unsigned int)
int getNumberOfCcAlternativeProducts ()
BioSwissProtCcAlternativeProducts getCcAlternativeProducts (unsigned int)
int getNumberOfCcBioTechnologies ()
BioSwissProtCcBioTechnology getCcBioTechnology (unsigned int)
int getNumberOfCcCatalyticActivities ()
BioSwissProtCcCatalyticActivity getCcCatalyticActivity (unsigned int)
int getNumberOfCcCautions ()
BioSwissProtCcCaution getCcCaution (unsigned int)
int getNumberOfCcCoFactors ()
BioSwissProtCcCoFactor getCcCoFactor (unsigned int)
int getNumberOfCcDatabases ()
BioSwissProtCcDatabase getCcDatabase (unsigned int)
int getNumberOfCcDevelopmentalStages ()
BioSwissProtCcDevelopmentalStage getCcDevelopmentalStage (unsigned int)
int getNumberOfCcDiseases ()
BioSwissProtCcDisease getCcDisease (unsigned int)
int getNumberOfCcDomains ()
BioSwissProtCcDomain getCcDomain (unsigned int)
int getNumberOfCcEnzymeRegulations ()
BioSwissProtCcEnzymeRegulation getCcEnzymeRegulation (unsigned int)
int getNumberOfCcFunctions ()
BioSwissProtCcFunction getCcFunction (unsigned int)
int getNumberOfCcInductions ()
BioSwissProtCcInduction getCcInduction (unsigned int)
int getNumberOfCcMassSpectrometries ()
BioSwissProtCcMassSpectrometry getCcMassSpectrometry (unsigned int)
int getNumberOfCcMiscellaneous ()
BioSwissProtCcMiscellaneous getCcMiscellaneous (unsigned int)
int getNumberOfCcPathWays ()
BioSwissProtCcPathWay getCcPathWay (unsigned int)
int getNumberOfCcPharmaceuticals ()
BioSwissProtCcPharmaceutical getCcPharmaceutical (unsigned int)
int getNumberOfCcPolymorphisms ()
BioSwissProtCcPolymorphism getCcPolymorphism (unsigned int)
int getNumberOfCcPtms ()
BioSwissProtCcPtm getCcPtm (unsigned int)
int getNumberOfCcRnaEditings ()
BioSwissProtCcRnaEditing getCcRnaEditing (unsigned int)
int getNumberOfCcSimilarities ()
BioSwissProtCcSimilarity getCcSimilarity (unsigned int)
int getNumberOfCcSubCellularLocations ()
BioSwissProtCcSubCellularLocation getCcSubCellularLocation (unsigned int)
int getNumberOfCcSubUnits ()
BioSwissProtCcSubUnit getCcSubUnit (unsigned int)
int getNumberOfCcTissueSpecificities ()
BioSwissProtCcTissueSpecificity getCcTissueSpecificity (unsigned int)
void showCc (ostream &=cout)


bool operator> (const BioSwissProtCc &, const BioSwissProtCc &)
bool operator< (const BioSwissProtCc &, const BioSwissProtCc &)
bool operator== (const BioSwissProtCc &, const BioSwissProtCc &)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BioSwissProtCc::BioSwissProtCc ( const string &  )

Member Function Documentation

void BioSwissProtCc::setCc ( vector< string >  )
void BioSwissProtCc::showCc ( ostream &  = cout)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

bool operator< ( const BioSwissProtCc ,
const BioSwissProtCc  
) [friend]
bool operator== ( const BioSwissProtCc ,
const BioSwissProtCc  
) [friend]
bool operator> ( const BioSwissProtCc ,
const BioSwissProtCc  
) [friend]

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