BioInt  1.02.00
BioInt: An integrative biological object-oriented application framework and interpreter
BioMatrix Member List
This is the complete list of members for BioMatrix, including all inherited members.
BioMatrix(int rows, int cols)BioMatrix
BioMatrix(const BioMatrix &rhs)BioMatrix
getNumberOfColumns() const BioMatrix
getNumberOfRows() const BioMatrix
operator*(const BioMatrix &, const BioMatrix &)BioMatrix [friend]
operator<(const BioMatrix &, const BioMatrix &)BioMatrix [friend]
operator=(const BioMatrix &)BioMatrix
operator==(const BioMatrix &, const BioMatrix &)BioMatrix [friend]
operator>(const BioMatrix &, const BioMatrix &)BioMatrix [friend]
operator[](int row) const BioMatrix
setRowsAndColumns(int rows, int cols)BioMatrix
setValue(int row, int col, float val)BioMatrix
showMatrix(ostream &=cout)BioMatrix
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