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BioPsiTabInteractor Class Reference

#include <BioPsiTabInteractor.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BioPsiTabInteractor ()
 BioPsiTabInteractor (string ui, string ai, string ti, string ia)
 ~BioPsiTabInteractor ()
void setValues (string ui, string ai, string ti, string ia)
int getNumberOfInteractorUniqueIds ()
int getNumberOfInteractorAlternateIds ()
int getNumberOfInteractorTaxonIds ()
int getNumberOfInteractorAliases ()
string getUniqueId (string dn)
string getAlternateId (string dn)
string getAlias (string dn)
string getTaxonId (string dn)
BioPsiTabInteractorUniqueId getInteractorUniqueId (int i)
BioPsiTabInteractorAlternateId getInteractorAlternateId (int i)
BioPsiTabInteractorAlias getInteractorAlias (int i)
BioPsiTabInteractorTaxonId getInteractorTaxonId (int i)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BioPsiTabInteractor::BioPsiTabInteractor ( string  ui,
string  ai,
string  ti,
string  ia 

Member Function Documentation

string BioPsiTabInteractor::getAlias ( string  dn)
string BioPsiTabInteractor::getAlternateId ( string  dn)
string BioPsiTabInteractor::getTaxonId ( string  dn)
string BioPsiTabInteractor::getUniqueId ( string  dn)
void BioPsiTabInteractor::setValues ( string  ui,
string  ai,
string  ti,
string  ia 

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