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BioDatabase Class Reference

#include <BioDatabase.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BioDatabase ()
 BioDatabase (string directoryName, string extension="*")
void changeDirectory (string diretoryName="NULL", string extension="*")
void refresh ()
bool findFile (string fn="NULL")
bool findSubDirectory (string dn="NULL")
bool createDirectory (string directoryName)
bool removeDirectory (string directoryName)
bool removeFile (string fileName)
bool renameFile (string fn1, string fn2)
bool copyFile (string fn1, string fn2)
string getFile (unsigned int index)
vector< string > getSubDirectoryListRecursively ()
int getNumberOfSubDirectoryListRecursively ()
string getCurrentDirectory ()
string getSubDirectory (unsigned int index)
string getFileWithFullPath (unsigned int index)
long getFileIndex (const string &st)
long getSubDirectoryIndex (const string &st)
string getSubDirectoryWithFullPath (unsigned int index)
long getNumberOfFiles ()
long getNumberOfSubDirectories ()
void showFileList (ostream &os=cout)
void showSubDirectoryList (ostream &os=cout)
void showFileListRecursively (ostream &os=cout)
void showSubDirectoryListRecursively (ostream &os=cout)


bool operator> (const BioDatabase &, const BioDatabase &)
bool operator< (const BioDatabase &, const BioDatabase &)
bool operator== (const BioDatabase &, const BioDatabase &)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BioDatabase::BioDatabase ( string  directoryName,
string  extension = "*" 

Member Function Documentation

void BioDatabase::changeDirectory ( string  diretoryName = "NULL",
string  extension = "*" 
bool BioDatabase::copyFile ( string  fn1,
string  fn2 
bool BioDatabase::createDirectory ( string  directoryName)
bool BioDatabase::findFile ( string  fn = "NULL")
bool BioDatabase::findSubDirectory ( string  dn = "NULL")
string BioDatabase::getFile ( unsigned int  index)
long BioDatabase::getFileIndex ( const string &  st)
string BioDatabase::getFileWithFullPath ( unsigned int  index)
string BioDatabase::getSubDirectory ( unsigned int  index)
long BioDatabase::getSubDirectoryIndex ( const string &  st)
string BioDatabase::getSubDirectoryWithFullPath ( unsigned int  index)
bool BioDatabase::removeDirectory ( string  directoryName)
bool BioDatabase::removeFile ( string  fileName)
bool BioDatabase::renameFile ( string  fn1,
string  fn2 
void BioDatabase::showFileList ( ostream &  os = cout)
void BioDatabase::showFileListRecursively ( ostream &  os = cout)
void BioDatabase::showSubDirectoryList ( ostream &  os = cout)
void BioDatabase::showSubDirectoryListRecursively ( ostream &  os = cout)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

bool operator< ( const BioDatabase ,
const BioDatabase  
) [friend]
bool operator== ( const BioDatabase ,
const BioDatabase  
) [friend]
bool operator> ( const BioDatabase ,
const BioDatabase  
) [friend]

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