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BioRestrictionMap Class Reference

#include <BioRestrictionMap.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BioRestrictionMap ()
 BioRestrictionMap (BioDnaSequence dnaSeq, string restrictionEnzymeName)
 BioRestrictionMap (BioFasta obj, string restrictionEnzymeName)
 BioRestrictionMap (BioRaw obj, string restrictionEnzymeName)
 ~BioRestrictionMap ()
void setSequence (BioDnaSequence dnaSeq)
void setSequence (BioFasta obj)
void setSequence (BioRaw obj)
void setRestrictionEnzyme (string restrictionEnzymeName)
void addRestrictionEnzyme (string restrictionEnzymeName)
int getNumberOfRestrictionEnzymes ()
string getRestrictionEnzyme (int indexRE)
int getRestrictionEnzymeIndex (string REName)
vector< int > getRestrictedPositions (int indexRE)
vector< int > getRestrictedPositions (string REs)
void showRestrictionMap (ostream &fout=cout)
void showRestrictionMap (string REs, ostream &fout=cout)
void showRestrictionMap (int indexRE, ostream &fout=cout)
vector< string > getRestrictionEnzymeList (int occurrences)
vector< string > getRestrictionEnzymeList (string occurrences)
vector< string > getRestrictedFragments (int indexRE=0)
vector< string > getRestrictedFragments (string REs)
int getNumberOfRestrictedFragments (int indexRE)
int getNumberOfRestrictedFragments (string REs)


bool operator> (const BioRestrictionMap &, const BioRestrictionMap &)
bool operator< (const BioRestrictionMap &, const BioRestrictionMap &)
bool operator== (const BioRestrictionMap &, const BioRestrictionMap &)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BioRestrictionMap::BioRestrictionMap ( BioDnaSequence  dnaSeq,
string  restrictionEnzymeName 
BioRestrictionMap::BioRestrictionMap ( BioFasta  obj,
string  restrictionEnzymeName 
BioRestrictionMap::BioRestrictionMap ( BioRaw  obj,
string  restrictionEnzymeName 

Member Function Documentation

void BioRestrictionMap::addRestrictionEnzyme ( string  restrictionEnzymeName)
vector<string> BioRestrictionMap::getRestrictedFragments ( int  indexRE = 0)
vector<string> BioRestrictionMap::getRestrictedFragments ( string  REs)
vector< int > BioRestrictionMap::getRestrictedPositions ( int  indexRE)
vector< int > BioRestrictionMap::getRestrictedPositions ( string  REs)
string BioRestrictionMap::getRestrictionEnzyme ( int  indexRE)
vector<string> BioRestrictionMap::getRestrictionEnzymeList ( int  occurrences)
vector<string> BioRestrictionMap::getRestrictionEnzymeList ( string  occurrences)
void BioRestrictionMap::setRestrictionEnzyme ( string  restrictionEnzymeName)
void BioRestrictionMap::showRestrictionMap ( ostream &  fout = cout)
void BioRestrictionMap::showRestrictionMap ( string  REs,
ostream &  fout = cout 
void BioRestrictionMap::showRestrictionMap ( int  indexRE,
ostream &  fout = cout 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

bool operator< ( const BioRestrictionMap ,
const BioRestrictionMap  
) [friend]
bool operator== ( const BioRestrictionMap ,
const BioRestrictionMap  
) [friend]
bool operator> ( const BioRestrictionMap ,
const BioRestrictionMap  
) [friend]

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