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BioPdbStrand Class Reference

#include <BioPdbStrand.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BioPdbStrand ()
 BioPdbStrand (const string &ti_)
 BioPdbStrand (int ssn, string irna, char ic, int irnu, string erna, char ec, int ernu, int ss, string f)
int getStrandSerialNumber ()
string getInitialResidueName ()
int getInitialResidueNumber ()
char getInitialChainId ()
char getEndingChainId ()
string getEndingResidueName ()
int getEndingResidueNumber ()
int getStrandSense ()
int getNumberOfResidues ()
BioProteinChain getStrandCoordinates ()
BioProteinChain getStrandCoordinates (BioProteinChain &)
string getStrandSequence ()
string getStrandSequence (BioProteinChain &)
void showStrandCoordinates (ostream &out=cout)
void showStrandCoordinates (BioProteinChain &, ostream &out=cout)


bool operator> (const BioPdbStrand &, const BioPdbStrand &)
bool operator< (const BioPdbStrand &, const BioPdbStrand &)
bool operator== (const BioPdbStrand &, const BioPdbStrand &)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BioPdbStrand::BioPdbStrand ( const string &  ti_)
BioPdbStrand::BioPdbStrand ( int  ssn,
string  irna,
char  ic,
int  irnu,
string  erna,
char  ec,
int  ernu,
int  ss,
string  f 

Member Function Documentation

void BioPdbStrand::showStrandCoordinates ( ostream &  out = cout)
void BioPdbStrand::showStrandCoordinates ( BioProteinChain ,
ostream &  out = cout 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

bool operator< ( const BioPdbStrand ,
const BioPdbStrand  
) [friend]
bool operator== ( const BioPdbStrand ,
const BioPdbStrand  
) [friend]
bool operator> ( const BioPdbStrand ,
const BioPdbStrand  
) [friend]

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