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BioDataSet Class Reference

#include <BioDataSet.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BioDataSet (vector< string > &sampleNames, vector< BioProbeSet > &prbData)
BioProbeSet getProbeSet (int probeIndex)
BioProbeSet getAverageOfProbeSets (string probeIndexPattern)
int getNumberOfSamples ()
int getNumberOfProbes ()
int getSampleIndex (string sampleName)
int getProbeIndex (string probeReference)
BioSampleSet getSampleSet (int sampleIndex)
BioSampleSet getAverageOfSampleSets (string sampleIndexPattern)
BioDataSet getMultipleProbeSets (string indexString)
BioDataSet getMultipleSampleSets (string indexString)
float getSampleRMSD (int sampleIndex1, int sampleIndex2)
float getProbeRMSD (int probeIndex1, int probeIndex2)
float getProbeCorrelationCoefficient (int probeIndex1, int probeIndex2)
float getSampleCorrelationCoefficient (int sampleIndex1, int sampleIndex2)
vector< int > getProbeIndexListExcludingAllNullProbes ()
vector< int > getControlProbeIndexList ()
vector< int > getAllNullProbeIndexList ()
vector< int > getCleanProbeIndexList ()
vector< int > getAllNullSampleIndexList ()
vector< int > getCleanSampleIndexList ()
BioDataSet getNormalizedDataSet ()
float getMean ()
float getMaximum ()
float getMinimum ()
float getStandardDeviation ()
float getMedian ()
BioDataSet getCleanDataSet ()
BioDataSet getDataSetExcludingControlProbes ()

Protected Member Functions

 BioDataSet ()

Protected Attributes

vector< BioProbeSetprobeData_
vector< string > sampleNames_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BioDataSet::BioDataSet ( ) [protected]
BioDataSet::BioDataSet ( vector< string > &  sampleNames,
vector< BioProbeSet > &  prbData 

Member Function Documentation

BioProbeSet BioDataSet::getAverageOfProbeSets ( string  probeIndexPattern)
BioSampleSet BioDataSet::getAverageOfSampleSets ( string  sampleIndexPattern)
float BioDataSet::getProbeCorrelationCoefficient ( int  probeIndex1,
int  probeIndex2 
int BioDataSet::getProbeIndex ( string  probeReference)
float BioDataSet::getProbeRMSD ( int  probeIndex1,
int  probeIndex2 
BioProbeSet BioDataSet::getProbeSet ( int  probeIndex)
float BioDataSet::getSampleCorrelationCoefficient ( int  sampleIndex1,
int  sampleIndex2 
int BioDataSet::getSampleIndex ( string  sampleName)
float BioDataSet::getSampleRMSD ( int  sampleIndex1,
int  sampleIndex2 
BioSampleSet BioDataSet::getSampleSet ( int  sampleIndex)

Member Data Documentation

vector<BioProbeSet> BioDataSet::probeData_ [protected]
vector<string> BioDataSet::sampleNames_ [protected]

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