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BioPoint Class Reference

#include <BioPoint.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BioPoint ()
 BioPoint (const BioPoint &)
BioPointoperator= (const BioPoint &)
 BioPoint (const float x1, const float y1, const float z1)
float getX () const
float getY () const
float getZ () const
void setXYZ (float, float, float)
void setX (float)
void setY (float)
void setZ (float)
void showPoint (ostream &os=cout) const
BioPoint getRotatedPoint (const float **a_)
BioPoint getRotatedPoint (const BioMatrix &a_)
BioPoint getRotatedPoint (const float th, const char axis)
BioPoint getTranslatedPoint (const float *a_)
BioPoint getRotoTranslatedPoint (const float **a_, const float *b_)
BioPoint getRotoTranslatedPoint (const float th, const char ax, const float *b_)
float getDistance (const BioPoint &)
float getDistance (const float, const float, const float)

Protected Attributes

float x_
float y_
float z_


ostream & operator<< (ostream &os, const BioPoint &)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BioPoint::BioPoint ( const float  x1,
const float  y1,
const float  z1 

Member Function Documentation

float BioPoint::getDistance ( const BioPoint )
float BioPoint::getDistance ( const float  ,
const float  ,
const float   
BioPoint BioPoint::getRotatedPoint ( const float **  a_)
BioPoint BioPoint::getRotatedPoint ( const float  th,
const char  axis 
BioPoint BioPoint::getRotoTranslatedPoint ( const float **  a_,
const float *  b_ 
BioPoint BioPoint::getRotoTranslatedPoint ( const float  th,
const char  ax,
const float *  b_ 
BioPoint BioPoint::getTranslatedPoint ( const float *  a_)
float BioPoint::getX ( ) const
float BioPoint::getY ( ) const
float BioPoint::getZ ( ) const
BioPoint& BioPoint::operator= ( const BioPoint )
void BioPoint::setX ( float  )
void BioPoint::setXYZ ( float  ,
float  ,
void BioPoint::setY ( float  )
void BioPoint::setZ ( float  )
void BioPoint::showPoint ( ostream &  os = cout) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

ostream& operator<< ( ostream &  os,
const BioPoint  
) [friend]

Member Data Documentation

float BioPoint::x_ [protected]
float BioPoint::y_ [protected]
float BioPoint::z_ [protected]

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