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BioFeatures Class Reference

#include <BioFeatures.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BioFeatures ()
 ~BioFeatures ()
void setFeatures (vector< string >)
int getNumberOfSources ()
BioFTKSingleSource getSource (int)
int getNumberOfGenes ()
BioFTKSingleGene getGene (int)
int getNumberOfCdss ()
BioFTKSingleCds getCds (int)
void showCds (int, ostream &os=cout)
int getNumberOfEnhancers ()
BioFTKSingleEnhancer getEnhancer (int)
int getNumberOfTATASignals ()
BioFTKSingleTATASignal getTATASignal (int)
int getNumberOfCAATSignals ()
BioFTKSingleCAATSignal getCAATSignal (int)
int getNumberOfLtrs ()
BioFTKSingleLtr getLtr (int)
int getNumberOf5PrimeClips ()
BioFTKSingle5PrimeClip get5PrimeClip (int)
int getNumberOf3PrimeClips ()
BioFTKSingle3PrimeClip get3PrimeClip (int)
int getNumberOf5PrimeUtrs ()
BioFTKSingle5PrimeUtr get5PrimeUtr (int)
int getNumberOf3PrimeUtrs ()
BioFTKSingle3PrimeUtr get3PrimeUtr (int)
int getNumberOf_10Signals ()
BioFTKSingle_10Signal get_10Signal (int)
int getNumberOf_35Signals ()
BioFTKSingle_35Signal get_35Signal (int)
int getNumberOfVariations ()
BioFTKSingleVariation getVariation (int)
int getNumberOfUnsures ()
BioFTKSingleUnsure getUnsure (int)
int getNumberOfExons ()
BioFTKSingleExon getExon (int)
int getNumberOf_s ()
BioFTKSingle_ get_ (int)
int getNumberOfAttenuators ()
BioFTKSingleAttenuator getAttenuator (int)
int getNumberOfConflicts ()
BioFTKSingleConflict getConflict (int)
int getNumberOfCRegions ()
BioFTKSingleCRegion getCRegion (int)
int getNumberOfDLoops ()
BioFTKSingleDLoop getDLoop (int)
int getNumberOfDSegments ()
BioFTKSingleDSegment getDSegment (int)
int getNumberOfGCSignals ()
BioFTKSingleGCSignal getGCSignal (int)
int getNumberOfIDnas ()
BioFTKSingleIDna getIDna (int)
int getNumberOfIntrons ()
BioFTKSingleIntron getIntron (int)
int getNumberOfJSegments ()
BioFTKSingleJSegment getJSegment (int)
int getNumberOfMatPeptides ()
BioFTKSingleMatPeptide getMatPeptide (int)
int getNumberOfMiscBindings ()
BioFTKSingleMiscBinding getMiscBinding (int)
int getNumberOfMiscDifferences ()
BioFTKSingleMiscDifference getMiscDifference (int)
int getNumberOfMiscFeatures ()
BioFTKSingleMiscFeature getMiscFeature (int)
int getNumberOfMiscRecombs ()
BioFTKSingleMiscRecomb getMiscRecomb (int)
int getNumberOfMiscRnas ()
BioFTKSingleMiscRna getMiscRna (int)
int getNumberOfMiscSignals ()
BioFTKSingleMiscSignal getMiscSignal (int)
int getNumberOfMiscStructures ()
BioFTKSingleMiscStructure getMiscStructure (int)
int getNumberOfModifiedBases ()
BioFTKSingleModifiedBase getModifiedBase (int)
int getNumberOfMRnas ()
BioFTKSingleMRna getMRna (int)
int getNumberOfNRegions ()
BioFTKSingleNRegion getNRegion (int)
int getNumberOfOldSequences ()
BioFTKSingleOldSequence getOldSequence (int)
int getNumberOfPolyASignals ()
BioFTKSinglePolyASignal getPolyASignal (int)
int getNumberOfPolyASites ()
BioFTKSinglePolyASite getPolyASite (int)
int getNumberOfPrecursorRnas ()
BioFTKSinglePrecursorRna getPrecursorRna (int)
int getNumberOfPrimerBinds ()
BioFTKSinglePrimerBind getPrimerBind (int)
int getNumberOfPrimTranscripts ()
BioFTKSinglePrimTranscript getPrimTranscript (int)
int getNumberOfPromoters ()
BioFTKSinglePromoter getPromoter (int)
int getNumberOfProteinBinds ()
BioFTKSingleProteinBind getProteinBind (int)
int getNumberOfRbs ()
BioFTKSingleRbs getRbs (int)
int getNumberOfRepeatRegions ()
BioFTKSingleRepeatRegion getRepeatRegion (int)
int getNumberOfRepeatUnits ()
BioFTKSingleRepeatUnit getRepeatUnit (int)
int getNumberOfRepOrigins ()
BioFTKSingleRepOrigin getRepOrigin (int)
int getNumberOfRRnas ()
BioFTKSingleRRna getRRna (int)
int getNumberOfSatellites ()
BioFTKSingleSatellite getSatellite (int)
int getNumberOfSCRnas ()
BioFTKSingleSCRna getSCRna (int)
int getNumberOfSigPeptides ()
BioFTKSingleSigPeptide getSigPeptide (int)
int getNumberOfSNORnas ()
BioFTKSingleSNORna getSNORna (int)
int getNumberOfSNRnas ()
BioFTKSingleSNRna getSNRna (int)
int getNumberOfSRegions ()
BioFTKSingleSRegion getSRegion (int)
int getNumberOfStemLoops ()
BioFTKSingleStemLoop getStemLoop (int)
int getNumberOfSts ()
BioFTKSingleSts getSts (int)
int getNumberOfTerminators ()
BioFTKSingleTerminator getTerminator (int)
int getNumberOfTransitPeptides ()
BioFTKSingleTransitPeptide getTransitPeptide (int)
int getNumberOfTRnas ()
BioFTKSingleTRna getTRna (int)
int getNumberOfVRegions ()
BioFTKSingleVRegion getVRegion (int)
int getNumberOfVSegments ()
BioFTKSingleVSegment getVSegment (int)
int getNumberOfGaps ()
BioFTKSingleGap getGap (int)
int getNumberOfOperons ()
BioFTKSingleOperon getOperon (int)
int getNumberOfOriTs ()
BioFTKSingleOriT getOriT (int)
void showBioFeatures (ostream &=cout, string st=" ")
void showFeatureKeys (ostream &=cout)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Member Function Documentation

void BioFeatures::setFeatures ( vector< string >  )
void BioFeatures::showBioFeatures ( ostream &  = cout,
string  st = " " 
void BioFeatures::showCds ( int  ,
ostream &  os = cout 
void BioFeatures::showFeatureKeys ( ostream &  = cout)

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