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BioSwissProtFt Class Reference

#include <BioSwissProtFt.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BioSwissProtFt ()
 BioSwissProtFt (const string &)
void setFt (vector< string >)
int getNumberOfConflicts ()
BioSwptFTKSingleConflict getConflict (int)
int getNumberOfVariants ()
BioSwptFTKSingleVariant getVariant (int)
int getNumberOfVarSplics ()
BioSwptFTKSingleVarSplic getVarSplic (int)
int getNumberOfMutagens ()
BioSwptFTKSingleMutagen getMutagen (int)
int getNumberOfModRess ()
BioSwptFTKSingleModRes getModRes (int)
int getNumberOfCarbohyds ()
BioSwptFTKSingleCarbohyd getCarbohyd (int)
int getNumberOfLipids ()
BioSwptFTKSingleLipid getLipid (int)
int getNumberOfDiSulfids ()
BioSwptFTKSingleDiSulfid getDiSulfid (int)
int getNumberOfCrossLnks ()
BioSwptFTKSingleCrossLnk getCrossLnk (int)
int getNumberOfSeCyss ()
BioSwptFTKSingleSeCys getSeCys (int)
int getNumberOfMetals ()
BioSwptFTKSingleMetal getMetal (int)
int getNumberOfBindings ()
BioSwptFTKSingleBinding getBinding (int)
int getNumberOfSignals ()
BioSwptFTKSingleSignal getSignal (int)
int getNumberOfPropeps ()
BioSwptFTKSinglePropep getPropep (int)
int getNumberOfTransits ()
BioSwptFTKSingleTransit getTransit (int)
int getNumberOfChains ()
BioSwptFTKSingleChain getChain (int)
int getNumberOfPeptides ()
BioSwptFTKSinglePeptide getPeptide (int)
int getNumberOfDomains ()
BioSwptFTKSingleDomain getDomain (int)
int getNumberOfDnaBinds ()
BioSwptFTKSingleDnaBind getDnaBind (int)
int getNumberOfCaBinds ()
BioSwptFTKSingleCaBind getCaBind (int)
int getNumberOfNpBinds ()
BioSwptFTKSingleNpBind getNpBind (int)
int getNumberOfTransMems ()
BioSwptFTKSingleTransMem getTransMem (int)
int getNumberOfRepeats ()
BioSwptFTKSingleRepeat getRepeat (int)
int getNumberOfZnFings ()
BioSwptFTKSingleZnFing getZnFing (int)
int getNumberOfActSites ()
BioSwptFTKSingleActSite getActSite (int)
int getNumberOfSites ()
BioSwptFTKSingleSite getSite (int)
int getNumberOfInitMets ()
BioSwptFTKSingleInitMet getInitMet (int)
int getNumberOfNonTers ()
BioSwptFTKSingleNonTer getNonTer (int)
int getNumberOfNonCons ()
BioSwptFTKSingleNonCons getNonCons (int)
int getNumberOfUnsures ()
BioSwptFTKSingleUnsure getUnsure (int)
int getNumberOfTurns ()
BioSwptFTKSingleTurn getTurn (int)
int getNumberOfStrands ()
BioSwptFTKSingleStrand getStrand (int)
int getNumberOfHelixs ()
BioSwptFTKSingleHelix getHelix (int)
void showFt (ostream &=cout)
void showFeatureKeys (ostream &os=cout)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BioSwissProtFt::BioSwissProtFt ( const string &  )

Member Function Documentation

void BioSwissProtFt::setFt ( vector< string >  )
void BioSwissProtFt::showFeatureKeys ( ostream &  os = cout)
void BioSwissProtFt::showFt ( ostream &  = cout)

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